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Presenting at BSides Idaho Falls in September 2018

I have extensive International experience.  I've worked globally for both QuadraMed, HP/Agilent, Vidyo and IBM.  I've experienced extended visits to Asia numerous projects.  I've presented, demonstrated and visited several clients nearly 20 times in Canada.  I've spent time at both IBM and HP/Agilent locations in Germany as well.  I am comforable and enjoy visiting other cultures and learning as much as I can as different people in different places share vaying perspectives and all tie into personal and professional growth.  In 2019 alone, both personally and professionally I visited: Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and China.

See below for dates and detail knowing that I have to update the more recent adventures.

 Photo:Bsides Idaho Falls 2018 where I presented my novel idea on Cyber Security Defense Maturity

International Business Trips

The trips involved face to face meetings with International co-workers and/or customers.  I've performed sales, process improvement, team building, and client relationship tasks on three continents.



        Site Visit to client in Preston, U.K.

            Hardware and data center review preparing for massive equipment forklift.  Also met with CFO to discuss financing for equipment.


     Relationship building to client in Preston, U.K.

        Met with department heads around the hospital to work through challenges related to OS and infrastructure issues

Oct. 2011

Escalation management and technical review in Preston, U.K.

Discussed recent system impacts and visited with CIO and IT team to talk about troubleshooting methodology, support, and communicaiton          processes.

Sept. 2010

Pre-Sales client meeting in Ottawa, CN

Conversation with massive client in Ottawa, Canada.  I provided services sales support as well as data on hardware configurations for our        solution.

July 2010

   Database upgrade and go-live in Preston, U.K.

 Acted as escalation point and executive sponsor during massive database upgrade that including National Health Service integration for their "    Choose and Book" capability.

March 2010

     Site visit to discuss and review services in Montreal, CN

        Traveled with our sales representative to two sites in Montreal.  Discussed our services and how they can help these particular clients.  Also   reviewed their data centers and talked about our recommendations on challenges they were experiencing.


       Trip to meet with CIO and IT staff in Ontario, CN

          Discussed implementation and operations with CIO and staff.  Toured facility and talked with CEO about status and future plans.


      Technology review at client site in Preston, U.K.

          Visit with CIO and IT staff to review newly installed equipment and review support and service processes.

May 2008

         Site visit to newly acquired customer in Preston, U.K.

              We are 100% responsible for the infrastructure from the network interface card up.  I needed to talk with the customer and help them understand                 how we will meet our SLA's and what our processes are for monitoring, managing, and maintaining their environment.

March 2004

     Visit with offshore team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

        Trip with newly established Incindent Management Team to discuss strengths and weaknesses since they went live.  Also meet with peers from AP and EMEA to discuss our global processes and procedures.

July 2003

         Travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to build SNMC

                Replaced U.S. outsource company with an offshore organization in Asia (Singapore and Malaysia) to manage run our System and Network   Management Center (SNMC).  I traveled to train the staff and help build the technology behind the SNMC including HP Open View.

April 2002

     Staff meetings and team building in Boblingen, Germany

        Newly outsourced team meets with global counterparts from AP and EMEA at corporate offices in Boblingen Germany.  Talked about global process standardization and follow the sun methodology.